Your emotions affect you

Is it effect or affect ?!?! –> Turns out it’s ‘affect’. Thanks intelligent sister

Since giving birth to Paxton at 24.4 weeks, living with so much hope for 2 foggy days and then having him leave me, has given me the opportunity to do some incredible soul searching and learning around how our mental and emotional state massively effects our physical self and the way we live our lives.

Have you ever heard of the saying; “if you believe it, you can achieve it”? For me, this is all about your energy output. If you are often thinking and feeling negative thoughts towards the people around you or the way you’re living, then that will be who you become. You will become the negative thoughts that you are outputting into the world. On the contrary, if your energy is outwardly truthful to your heart and positive (or constructive at least), the world will move mountains to let your true thoughts and feelings become reality.

Your subconscious mind takes up around 90% of your brain while your conscious mind takes up about 10%. It is our subconscious mind that can really tells us the truth about our body, but why do we not tap in and use its ability to aid out mental health? Dr Bradley Nelson refers to our conscious and subconscious as being like an ice berg – our conscious is the bit that sits about water and large part you don’t see, is our subconscious.

So where do the emotions that we feel, come into all this? Think about the last time you got really annoyed or angry about something. How did that emotion make you feel? Did that feeling stay with you for a while? Did other people notice your energy output change to mirror that emotion you were feeling?.. did it start feeling like it was eating you up inside?

Subsequently, what about when you are feeling positive feelings in your heart and they are being mirrored by positive thoughts in your head… Do you then catch yourself outputting a different energy state from when you were holding on to the negative emotions?

Take 5minutes to think about this today and notice what type of energy you’re sending out into the world and what you might be attracting back with that type of energy output.

Key points;

  • Work on finding the truth in your heart and aligning it to your thoughts in your brain.

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