5 things that help after baby loss

  1. Any alternative healing methods – After you lose a baby within close proximity to giving birth, you deal with the physical aftermath of birth. But once you have physically healed the main thing you’re left to run on is your heart and your head. No GP or medical Specialist can help cure your broken heart and your lingering thoughts. I turned to Emotional Clearing and have begun to set up http://www.theenergyroom.co.nz which to begin with, will use The Emotion Code ( http://www.discoverhealing.com ) to help release trapped emotions from your body. It’s one thing that helped me on my journey through baby loss and I want to help others too.
  2. Multivitamins – Making sure your body is well nourished is key for you to take control of the mess that is your mind and heart combined. I took a general womens multivitamin and Vitamin B regularly to help my body find a regular rhythm again.
  3. Sleep – Necessary for body, mind and soul healing. After the initial week of complete baby loss shock and needing a prescribed sleeping pill to make sure my mind and body shut down so that I could recover, I ventured back down the natural drift off to sleep route; magnesium rub/tablets, pillow sprays (https://theaustraliansleepco.com/products/pillow-spray) , camomile or sleepy teas. That pillow spray is a dream.
  4. Exercise – A N Y T H I N G. 30 minutes a day of anything… A casual bike ride, a walk by a river or lake, a row on a rowing machine, dancing lessons, cutting firewood, tennis… Whatever. Force yourself to do something that gets you to sweat and release endorphins.
  5. Talking or writing therapy – See a counsellor who specialises in Grief and talk about your feelings and emotions… Don’t try and put a plaster over your wound (this is directed at both Men and Women alike), the pressure will only build and explode later on. Write a journal and let the internal pain bleed out onto the page. This blog has been beyond anything I could have expected it to be for my internal healing. I have been able to think and feel things, but instead of letting them sit and stew, I was able to release them onto a blank canvas as my fingers tap wildly on my keyboard.

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